Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 15, Inspired by another blogger

Day 15 in the Lazy 15 nail art challenge = Inspired by another blogger.

I've made it to the end of my very first nail challenge!!! I now have super huge respect to all the bloggers who do 30 day challenges and never miss a day - that's true dedication. I've enjoyed doing all 15, some more than others but defiantly pleased I deiced to join the fun. I've been late with a few posts but hopeful you guys don't think bad of me. I need to be a) more organised and b) work out how to schedule a post so when I know I've got a busy day I can still get a post out on time.
My mani is inspired by Lucy's Stash fishtail braid. click here to view her amazing work and easy to follow tutorial. I found Lucy's blog when I first got into nails at the start of this year. I was searching for inspiration and her blog was featured in the search results and that was it, I was hooked.
 I decided to do the fishtail braid design on all my nails and finish it off with a matte top coat. I've used Models Own Beth's Blue NP064, Models Own Pastel Pink NP033 and Models Own Jade Stone NP083. all from the Ice Cream Sundae Box Set. The colour combination didn't work as well as I had hoped but overall I'm still pleased with them.


Day 14, Where I'm from

Day 14 in the Lazy 15 nail challenge = Where I'm from.
This is a late post, it should have been done and ready for Monday 3rd but it's been my sister Ellie's birthday and well honestly this challenge went to the back of mind. So better late than nether.
 I knew what I wanted to do as soon as I looked at the challenge list. For my base I've used my favourite nude, Models Own Utopia NP064. It's perfect for adding a touch of colour without actually adding colour. Office and interview suitable and great to use as a base if adding gems, glequins, and all the rest. Please forgive thumb nail, it had a nasty break and really hurt when it ripped off, plus my pinkie nail looks like something has a taken a bite from it.
I used my faithful black nail art pen to write a very famous and well known quote from Hamlet written by William Shakespeare  "To be or not to be"  He was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. He was born and strongly connected to my home time.
A direct quote from Wikipedia 'The town is a popular tourist destination owing to its status as birthplace of the playwright and poet William Shakespeare, receiving about three million visitors a year from all over the world."
Any guesses?!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Day 13, Quilty pleasure

Day 13 in the Lazy 15 nail art challenge = guilty pleasures.
I love a good bit of sparkle, a bit of bling, any thing that glitters really.
If you've ever painted your nails with glitter nail polish you'll know how much of a bitch it is get off. I love how sparkly my nails are with glitter polish but I can't bear it the time to try and take it off. I've heard using PVA glue as base coat helps because you can almost peal it off in one go. Another trick I know of is soaking it off - just the same way you do when taking off acrylic nails. This does work but takes soo very long, have your ever tired to use your fingers with tin-foil on them? Impossible.
So what I went for was nail glequins. These little things are amazing :) I purchased few from a seller on ebay, they came in lots of tiny pots in an assortment of colours. The ones I've used are Holograph and super shinny.
I tired to place them evenly with the sides all lined up and matching but wow did my Patience run thin. I usually have a good level of Patience and enjoy fiddly little tasks. but these glequins had me and I was very nearly ready to quit.
I pushed on through and finished, top coated and then realised that one glequin had moved on my ring and decided to jump onto another. Was I going to fix it? was I going to do all that again? Nope :)
take a look and tell me what you think. Was it worth it?



Day 12, Fairy Tail

Day 12 in the Lazy 15 nail challenge = Fairy Tail.
I had big plans for this challenge but sadly time was against  me. I wanted to create a dragon scales on all fingers with a dragon head on my thumb. This was the plan but all I managed was scales on my ring finger and and four empty nails. I didn't even have time for clean up (very sorry)
As I've mentioned previously my favourite colour is green but I don't like green on my nails, I was surprised just how many greens I owe, may be one day when I have more time on my hands I'll re-do this mani and complete the full dragon :)
Quick break down of the colours used.
Main colour, Model Own Jade Stone NP083
Models Own Top Turquoise NP054
Models Own Green Tea NP055
Models Own Green Flash NP079
Chit Chat, bright green.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 11, Fireworks

Day 11 in the Lazy 15 nail challenge.

I wasn't sure about this task before I started and I'm not too sure about them now.

I think the combination of glitter, bold colour and base of black all splashed together on my nails is something I can't stop looking at and I don't know if I like them or not.

I've used Yellow, White, Blue and Hot Pink Models Own nail art pens. These little wonders are amazing. You get a long thin brush perfect for long sweeping lines and then a fine nib for real delicate detail. I also have two blacks and use them all soo much and now they new silver and gold pens that are on my want list :)

I've added touches of pink, blue and gold glitter over the burst of colour to give the impression of a firework 'mid - explotion'  and then finally added top layer of the Models Own Juicy Jules NP095 to complete to sparkle and glitter effect.


Friday, 23 November 2012

Day 10, Underwater

Lazy 15, Underwater nail challenge.

I've had so much fun with this challenge!!

It will be a sad moment when I had to take them off but I'm glad I've got photos of them :) I hope you like them too.

Base colour = Collection 2000, Hot loos fast dry, BMX Bandit 32. The bottle is tiny it looks like a miniature but I don't remember seeing any other sizes which is sad because this polish is stunning. It goes on super smooth and easy with it's wide brush. It has glossy finish and as the name suggest dries in super fast time.

Once I'd finished and each nail was dry (apart from my left hand pinkie because you can very clearly see the eyes have run because the polish was still a touch wet) I used a 17 Nail Xtras, Glitter top coat to add a sparkle and give the nails a watery effect.

A quick breakdown for each nail ....
LH Thumb = Turtle. Green polish from Chit Chat, no name. Green sharpie pen for the legs and edging. White and Yellow Models Own nail art pens of the Shel.

LH Index finger = Whale. Models Own Feeling Blue NP031 and White and Black MO Nail art pens.

LH Middle finger = Dolphin. Models Own Feeling Blue NP031 and White and Black MO Nail art pens.

LH Ring finger = Beech scene. Rimmel Lasting finish, Sunshine 280, Models Own Lemon Meringue, NP030, Models Own Snow White NP042 and three little orange stars that are just perfect because they look like starfish.

LH Pinkie = Models Own Concrete mixer NP 109, Red, White and Black MO Nail art pens.

RH Thumb = Crab, Models Own Pastel pink NP033 and Black MO nail art pen

RH Pinkie = Seahorse, White and Yellow MO nail art pen

RH Ring finger = Jellyfish. Models Own Snow White NP042

RH Middle finger = Starfish. Rimmel lasting finish, Sunshine 280 and Black MO nail art pen

and then finally RH Pinkie = Fish. Models Own Pastel pink NP033.

Day 9, Disney

Lazy 15, Disney movies / characters.
I LOVE a good Disney film but this challenge had me stressing. How on earth was I going to recreate the magic and beauty that simply is Disney.
I must had done my nails three times before I gave up and had sulk and one in bed had a moment of inspiration!
Now I know today is Friday and this challenge was meant for Wednesday. This is the second challenge that I've fallen behind on and there is small pattern forming. Wednesday posting seams to be the hardest of them all. I haven't worked out why Wednesday of all days is when I find it hard to complete on time.
So onto the (late) Disney design. As I've mentioned I'm a big fan of the films but my inspiration tank was empty and all that was coming to hand was Lion King, Bambi, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. Then I got thinking about the classic characters, you the ones you can have your photo with when at Disneyland or have breakfast with (one day this dream of mine will come true)
My nails are a simple homage to Disney and to Minnie Mouse :)
I've used an un-named pale pink that was in a manicure set. Barielle Going to the chapel 5147 for the classic polished mani. On my ring finger I've used Models own Red Alert, NP019 which looking back on previous post I've done seams to be the red that I go to before all others:) I've used my dotting tool to add white dots and once dry added the Mouse logo - using a larger dotting tool. Then finished this off with a White Disney logo D. 

As you can see the 1st photo has a small gap on the D which I had noticed so I tried to fix it and then it just looked smudged and wobbly. I did try to fix it honest!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 8, Dessert nails

Day 8 on the Lazy 15 nail challenge is yummy desserts :)
It was Emma's birthday last Friday at work and chocolate cupcakes where made in her honour by the lovely Faith. I wasn't in the office that day so I had to make do with seeing the photo and hearing about how yummy the cupcakes where, look at them don't they look so scrummy...
So these birthday chocolate cupcakes where my inspiration for this nail challenge.
Every polish I've used is from my ever growing Models own collection.
Models Own Pastel Pink, NP033
Models Own Beth's Blue, NP063
Models Own Lemon Meringue, NP030
Models Own Becca's Brown, NP097
Models Own nail art pens in White, Blue, Pink and Yellow.
The flash on my camera has taken away the colour from the Pink, Blue and Yellow cupcake wrappers. They are, in daylight beautiful baby pastels shades, clean, fresh and bright.

Please don't forget to check everyone else out, this group keeps on growing :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 7, Feminine nails

Day 7 in the Lazy 15 challenge = feminine nails.

This is a quick post because I am in a rush to go out to dinner! yummy

I've used Models Own Pearly Queen, NP071 for the main base colour. This is two thin coats as I wanted it stay opaque and translucent. The colour is so soft and reminds me a little of candy floss and pink bubble gum.

I then added 17, Nail Xtras, Glitter top coat. It's like fairy dust with its teeny tiny specks of sparkle. the glitter is mainly made up of pale blue, gold and the odd bit of green.

Please ignore the state of my nails, I've just done and completed a nail course and I've had tips applied and then reapplied, shaped, buffed and painted - but not in that order mind!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 6, Favourite colour

Day 6 in the Lazy 15 nail challenge. I'm sorry for the late reply, I've had a busy week and this is the only chance I've had to get to my computer.

My favourite colour is green but I hate green on my nails but by favourite nail Polish colour is grey. In particular gun metal grey, not a bright silver metal but the deep, weathered and worn in metals. I've still yet to find this shade in a polish, if anyone knows where I can get one please please let me know.

So on my nail for this challenge I've done an accent nail with silver balls on my ring fingers, also know as caviar nails. The base is Models Own Mushroom NP096 which is a lush dark grey that looks great in the Autumn because its so warming. On top of this base colour I then added a thin layer a clear Acrylic and then dipped by finger into the pot of hundreds of tiny, tiny silver balls.

I've done caviar nails before but the balls never stayed on my nails for very long even with a good few layers of thick top coat which is very annoying. I'm currently doing an acrylic nail course and I had the idea to stick the balls into the acrylic giving them something to 'hold onto' ......... Well this idea worked very well :) I did them on Monday eve and Tonight,3 days later they are all still stuck!!! I've not lost any of the balls and they are still super shinny. A work colleague said it looks like I have a fruit pastel on my nails LoL.

On my other nails I used Models Own Concrete Mixer NP109 which a soft grey, a neutral almost a nude shade which goes with so many other colours. it's just perfect.


Monday, 12 November 2012

Day 5, Galaxy nails

All the pictures I've seen of galaxy nails all look magical and very intriguing. I've never done them before so I did have to do a little research before I started.

I think over all they have turned out OK but I'd love to hear what you think.

What I used:
Models Own, Mixed up NP003
Barielle, Going to the chapel, 5147
Models Own, Blue Moon NP080
Models Own, Mystic Mauve NP081
Models Own, Purple Imperial NP131
Models Own, Aqua Violet Beetle Juice

Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 4, Water marble

We've reached day 4 in record time, where has the week gone?!

 I've done water marbeling before with mixed results. It took me a while to decide what colours to choose. the colours need to work well together or your nails just look wrong. If you choose to clash then you have to be careful if you want a subtle statement then this can be harder.

Then it hit me, in a ' The clue is in question'  kinda moment. The challenge is water marble so lets just use blue and white. Simple.

I started with a quick one layer base cost of Models own, Snow White NP042.

For the design I used my cheapest clear nail varnish that I purchased from a pound shop - it's not a good top coat but for this it's perfect because it's thin. I then used Models own Betty Blue, NP056 which is a stunning deep royal blue but because I've marbled the colour is a lot more paler than it is normally because the layer is so thin.

You can get an idea of how righ the blue really is when you look at my ring finger on my right hand becuase the colour and pattern overlapped and went all messy :(

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Day 3, Dots.

So day three in the lazy 15 day challenge is dots.

I decided to keep it simple. My pinkie is suffering from having too much polish on my dotting tool and it ended up with more of splodge then a dot, but I'm feeling too lazy to re-do it.

I've used Barielle, Barley there 5151 for the base. I LOVE this colour. It's the perfect colour to hide any stains :) I dotted Barielle, Going to the chapel 5147 for the random white dots and once dry I used Models own, Champagne, NP073 to add a touch of sparkle.


Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 2, Grey Gradient

So day two in the Lazy 15 challenge. I'm really not very good at gradients so this is my take on it.
I've used two contrasting shades of grey. It was only once I'd finished I realised that there is very popular book reference that also referees to the same colour scheme that I've used, but I'm not going to mention THAT book.
I've tried to do gradients soo many times and always fail, so my version works for me. I've used two coats of Models own, Mushroom NP096 for the base colour and then sponged on two layers of the light grey, Models own, Utopia NP064 all finished with a topcoat to smooth it all out.
I know it's grainy and not technically a gradient of two colours but I will carry on practising and let you know how I get on. If you have any tips or advise, I'd love to hear them!


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 1, Red and Black

So I've just - literally about an hour ago, decided to join in with a nail challenge - The Lazy 15.
I'm one day late on day one so off to a good start but hopefully no-one will mind too much :)
I've used my tape on my nails a few times but have always found it tricky, mainly because I can't get my brain to work out that I have tape all over my fingers and ALWAYS seam to smudge the polish by dragging the trap across freshly painted nails.... so very frustrating indeed.
So here is my contribution to my first ever nail challenge.
I've used my go-to black polish by Collection 2000, Long lasting colour, Liquorice which to super smooth, glossy and has a nice wide brush. I've also used Models own. Red Alert, NP019 ( which you could have worked out just by looking at photo )  This red reminds me of a post box its so rich and confident, defiantly not for the shy.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Halloween nails

 I love Autumn, the nights getting dark sooner, the heating can be on, cosy knitwear and eating lots of soup. Along with all these plus point Autumn contains Halloween! Each year I like Halloween more and more. I don't like 'Trick or Treaters'  I like the decorations and the theatrical side.
I'd love to dress and decorate the house, host a Halloween party and bake monster and ghost themed foods but sadly my house is too small and this might encourage people who indulge in 'tick or treating' so instead I just paint my nails :)
I wanted something fun and light hearted and not to blood and ghoully so I search the Internet and regular blogs and found an image that was perfect! Polishandpearls


So this is my attempt at recreating this monster nail art. I has a little to hasty in added my topcoat which has made my left hand streaky and the lines a tad smudged. The same thing happened with my right had but mainly on the thumb. It added these strange wispy black lines coming off the eyes. *notes to self, must wait longer before adding top coat*
Over all I like how they turned out, I love the bright colours but I think next time I do something similar I wont use a metallic base colour as it was a little hard to see the detailing because of the shimmer. The purple is fab, it reminds me of Cadbury chocolate but for these nails it was too rich.

This is what I used on my bright monster that remind me of the Mighty boosh symbol (see below)
Yellow = Rimmel, long lasting finish, 280 Sunshine
Orange = MissGuided, bright orange
Green = Chit chat nail varnish, found at a car boot
Blue = Models own, Feeling blue NP031
Purple = Models own, Purple Imperial, NP131
Black and White nail art pens, Models own

Friday, 19 October 2012

Japanese nails

At the weekend,my boyfriend Andrew and I went to Birmingham to visit his newly wedded cousin James and his wife Claire. They had invited us to this Japanese restaurant. The food and the atmosphere was amazing, highly recommended. If you want to check it just click here

I wanted to do my nails to match the surroundings. After a good hour of searching images on the Internet I found a clear and simple image of numbers 1 through to 10 have a look The decision was made, I just needed to keep my hands steady and not make any mistakes because it took me soo long to find the image I wanted. I only had 1 hour left to paint, top coat and get ready. I was up against the clock.

 I used my favourite black polish, Collection 2000, 1 Liquorice and a bright and bold red polish by Models own, Red Alert, NP019 on alternatives nails and added the number detail with Models own Nail art pens, in white and black then finished it off with Rimmle 5 in 1, Base and top coat.

Pinky = 1. Ring = 2, Middle = 3, Index = 4 and the Thumb =5. 

Thumb = 6. Index = 7, Middle = 8, Ring = 9 and pinky = 10

Black and white models own nail art pens. (The flash has made the ladle on the white pen almost disappear, it is there I promise! )

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

First attempt (Guinea pig)

My wonderful sister Ellie has very kindly let me use her as Guinea pig to practise my acrylic tips.  This means in essences, I can spend hours and hours faffing about on her nails desperately trying to get them to look right.

I have this idea in my head of how they should turn out but in reality I'm not even close :(

My first attempted had a few problems. Selecting the right size tip and then secondly blending the tip with the natural nail. The tip selection is a simple thing yet I made several silly mistake which were very clear when you see the finished nails.

Blending is something I though would take longer to master, I think, I hope, I have kinda got it now. I just need to more ruff with the file on the nail and not with Ellie's skin!

The main challenge that I'm faced with is the big one. I understand the theory behind applying the acrylic. I've watched lots of videos on youtube but yet I still can't get a nice neat 'smile line' and when I do, the top layer of pink is either to thick or not spread out evenly. When I do concentrate too much on the 'smile line'  I then don't seam to place enough white onto the tip which makes them look thin and just not right.

This is why I've started this blog, I need feedback, I need tips and kind words of advise :)