Sunday, 19 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 31, Recreate someone eles mani

So it's the final day of the Laid back 31 day challenge and yes I'll be sad once it's over but on the other hand I'll be happy it's finished.  Two post each week seamed like an achievable target at the start. I was even a few days a head and had posts ready and scheduled but sadly work and life got in the way of regular posting and I fell behind on a few occasions. I'm sure no really minds as this IS the LB version and it is only for a bit of fun, It's been hard work at times but I've loved every day  :)

I've tried to recreate Erin @Nerdy for nails, Tape Mani
The inspiration and by recreation below.
I've used stripping tape, 17 Halo (Silver), No17 Stay Perfect, Me! Me! Me! 250 (Pink), Collection 2000 Hot Looks, Scarlet 51 (Red) and Collection 2000 Lasting colour, Liquorice (Black).   I have changed the colour order on my ring finger because I wanted this finger to look just a little different from the others.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 29 Inspired by another blogger

At the start of the challenge I though to myself I must make a list and keep an eye out for a mani that I'd love to copy and re-create but as ever my good intentions fell a little short I ended up with a list but it was so full and vast that I had such trouble picking and choosing.

With the weather outside turning away from sunny spring and heading towards a wet and miserable I wanted to do something bright, cheerful and up lifting. What's more summery than a summer fair on a village green. Marques, home-made cakes, flower displays, pet pageant and of course bunting!!

This mani is inspired by laura @ She who does nails 
Her blog is great and really must encourage you all to take a visit.

I've used 3 coats of No7 Stay Perfect Snowflake 140 as i wanted a clean bright white base which would help the bunting stand out. Using Models Own nail art pens in Pink, Yellow and Blue to draw the bunting triangles then a black to outline the bunting creating an almost cartoon style bunting.


Friday, 10 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 28, Inspired by my favourite colour

If I'm asked what my favourite colour is I will always answer green but for some strange reason I don't like green on my nails.

I like black but find it a little too harsh to wear frequently and I love silver so this mani is a combination of the both. Silver base with little black studs.

Models Own Sterling Silver NP046 is this fantastic silver that shimmers and sparkles in the sunshine with a metallic finish it's just perfect for spring time sunshine. I added the line of black studs and as much as I love this look - it just never stays put. I coat the nail in a strong and thick top coat place the studs down in a row and then add another lay of strong top coat but yet I still manage to loose studs! how can I keep theses little buggers in place??

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Laid-Back 31DC Day 27, Inspired by me

It was my Birthday on 1st May and I had originally had the idea to do either birthday cake or some kinda birthday celebration inspired nails but I just couldn't decide what to do.

I tried to re-create something that I like to do in my spare time, other than nails. I like vintage, retro and antique curiosities which generally means anything and everything. My boyfriend Andrew is the main collector and trader who is often found at car boots, fairs and action houses getting stock or buying things to fill up the house!!

I have tried to create the rusty and worn in effect that is found on my items we have in the house. Think shabby chic without the white paint on a new items, think original and full of character :)

I applied a base colour of No7 Stay Perfect, Hot to Trot 360 waiting until it was fully dry and then quickly layered No7 Stay Perfect, Totally Teal 330 over the top and used a scrunched of piece of cling film and dappled the teal off. this created the patchy and worn in look that you find on old metal and wooded items that I just Love.


Laid-Back 31DC Day 26, Inspired by my country

It's not hard to tell that I'm from the UK when look at my nails. I've used the iconic Union Jack flag design which just screams Royal Britannia and God Save the Queen. Feeling very patriotic looking at them once all finished!!

The base colour is Models Own Feeling Blue, NP031 which I layer over a layer of Models Own Snow White NP042 to help the blue 'pop'. I used L.A. colours, Art Deco in White to create the white stripes of the flag. I have a few Art Deco nail art bottles and they are great because they have a wide range of colours and I keep finding them in my local PoundShop for yep you guessed it £1.

When it came to added the red I really struggled as I don't own any thin/fine nail art brushes. I must do some research, read a few reviews and take the plunge and order a set. Any recommendations or advise on how to look after them? will soaking them in nail varnish be OK or will I need something else to clean and look after the brush?

In the end end I turned to a red sharpie permanent pen to draw on the red. Not the neatest of finishes but this was the best I could do without the right tools.

I hope you like the Royal Guard doll :)